Gradle API 2.2-20140924021627+0000

Package Description
org.gradle Classes for embedding Gradle.
org.gradle.api.artifacts Classes for declaring and using artifacts and artifact dependencies.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.cache Classes for controlling dependency resolution.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.component Classes that provide meta-data about software components.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.dsl Classes used in the artifact DSL.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.ivy Classes for declaring and using Ivy modules.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.maven Maven specific classes for dependency management.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.query Classes used for querying the artifacts.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.repositories Classes for declaring and using artifact repositories.
org.gradle.api.artifacts.result Classes that compose the resolution result
org.gradle.api.component Types for declaring and using Software Components.
org.gradle.api.distribution The main interfaces and classes of the distribution plugin.
org.gradle.api.dsl dsl related classes.
org.gradle.api.execution Classes for managing and monitoring build execution.
org.gradle.api.file Classes for working with files.
org.gradle.api.initialization Classes for managing and monitoring build initialization.
org.gradle.api.initialization.dsl Classes used in the initialization DSL.
org.gradle.api.invocation Classes for invoking and monitoring gradle builds. Classes for working with JAR manifests.
org.gradle.api.jvm Classes for adapting the legacy plugins to the new component model.
org.gradle.api.logging Classes for managing logging in Gradle.
org.gradle.api.platform.jvm Classes for managing platform variance
org.gradle.api.plugins The standard Plugin implementations.
org.gradle.api.plugins.announce A Plugin for generating announcements from your build.
org.gradle.api.plugins.antlr A Plugin for generating parsers from Antlr grammars.
org.gradle.api.plugins.buildcomparison.gradle Build comparision classes that are specific to Gradle, including comparing Gradle upgrades.
org.gradle.api.plugins.jetty The Jetty Plugin implementation.
org.gradle.api.plugins.osgi The OSGi Plugin implementation.
org.gradle.api.plugins.quality Plugins which measure and enforce code quality.
org.gradle.api.publish Classes that deal with publishing artifacts.
org.gradle.api.publish.ivy Types that deal with publishing in the Ivy format.
org.gradle.api.publish.ivy.plugins Plugins for Ivy publishing.
org.gradle.api.publish.ivy.tasks Tasks for Ivy publishing.
org.gradle.api.publish.maven Types that deal with publishing in the Maven format.
org.gradle.api.publish.maven.plugins Plugins for publishing in the Maven format.
org.gradle.api.publish.maven.tasks Tasks for publishing in the Maven format.
org.gradle.api.publish.plugins Publishing plugins.
org.gradle.api.reporting Classes for reporting
org.gradle.api.reporting.components Component reporting tasks.
org.gradle.api.reporting.dependencies Types responsible for generating dependency reports.
org.gradle.api.reporting.plugins Plugins for reporting
org.gradle.api.resources Interfaces and API for the 'Resources' concept.
org.gradle.api.specs Classes for defining general purpose criteria.
org.gradle.api.tasks The standard Task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.ant The Ant integration Task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.bundling Tasks for bundling JVM components into JAR files.
org.gradle.api.tasks.compile The compilation Task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.diagnostics The diagnostic Task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.incremental API classes for implementing incremental tasks.
org.gradle.api.tasks.javadoc The documentation generation Task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.scala Scala Task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.testing The unit testing Task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.junit JUnit specific testing classes.
org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.logging Types related to logging of test related information to the console.
org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.testng TestNG specific testing classes.
org.gradle.api.tasks.util Utility classes used by the standard task implementations.
org.gradle.api.tasks.wrapper The Gradle wrapper Task.
org.gradle.external.javadoc Classes to run Javadoc.
org.gradle.ide.visualstudio Model classes for visual studio.
org.gradle.ide.visualstudio.plugins Plugins for Visual Studio integration.
org.gradle.jvm Types for support of JVM runtime.
org.gradle.jvm.plugins Base plugins that add support for JVM runtime.
org.gradle.jvm.toolchain Defines tools that can build things that run on the JVM.
org.gradle.language Model classes for managing language sources.
org.gradle.language.assembler Model classes for building from Assembler language sources.
org.gradle.language.assembler.plugins Plugins for building from Assembler language sources.
org.gradle.language.assembler.tasks Tasks for assembling Assembler sources for a native runtime.
org.gradle.language.base General purpose types for language support.
org.gradle.language.base.artifact Classes representing artifacts relevant to languages in general.
org.gradle.language.base.plugins Base plugins for language support.
org.gradle.language.c Model classes for building from C language sources.
org.gradle.language.c.plugins Plugins for building from C language sources.
org.gradle.language.c.tasks Tasks for compiling C sources for a native runtime.
org.gradle.language.cpp Model classes for building from C++ language sources.
org.gradle.language.cpp.plugins Plugins for building from C++ language sources.
org.gradle.language.cpp.tasks Tasks for compiling C++ sources for a native runtime. Types for Java language support. Classes representing artifacts relevant to the Java language. Base plugins that add support for Java language.
org.gradle.language.jvm Types for support for JVM languages.
org.gradle.language.jvm.plugins Base plugins that add language support for JVM resources.
org.gradle.language.jvm.tasks Tasks for support for JVM languages.
org.gradle.language.nativebase.tasks Base classes for native language compile tasks.
org.gradle.language.objectivec Model classes for building from Objective-C language sources.
org.gradle.language.objectivec.plugins Plugins for building from Objective-C language sources.
org.gradle.language.objectivec.tasks Tasks for compiling Objective-C sources for a native runtime.
org.gradle.language.objectivecpp Model classes for building from Objective-C++ language sources.
org.gradle.language.objectivecpp.plugins Plugins for building from Objective-C++ language sources.
org.gradle.language.objectivecpp.tasks Tasks for compiling Objective-C++ sources for a native runtime.
org.gradle.language.rc Model classes for building from Windows Resource scripts.
org.gradle.language.rc.plugins Plugins for building from Windows Resource scripts.
org.gradle.language.rc.tasks Tasks for compiling Windows resources for a native runtime.
org.gradle.nativeplatform Classes that model aspects of native component projects.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.platform Classes that allow defining a native binary platform.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.plugins Plugins for building native component projects.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.sourceset Model classes for managing language sources.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.tasks Tasks for building native component projects.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.test API classes for testing native binaries.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.test.cunit API classes for cunit integration.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.test.cunit.plugins Plugins for cunit testing.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.test.cunit.tasks Tasks for cunit integration.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.test.plugins Plugin classes for generic support for testing native binaries.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.test.tasks Tasks for test execution.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.toolchain Classes that allow C++ tool chains to be configured.
org.gradle.nativeplatform.toolchain.plugins Built-in tool chain support.
org.gradle.platform.base General purpose types for runtime support.
org.gradle.platform.base.binary General purpose types for binary support.
org.gradle.platform.base.component General purpose types for library support.
org.gradle.platform.base.test General purpose types for test suite support.
org.gradle.plugin.use Classes for managing plugin resolution and use.
org.gradle.plugins.ear Support for generating EAR archives in a Gradle build
org.gradle.plugins.ear.descriptor Classes for working with EAR deployment descriptors.
org.gradle.plugins.ide.api General ide plugin api.
org.gradle.plugins.ide.eclipse A Plugin for generating Eclipse files.
org.gradle.plugins.ide.eclipse.model Classes for the model used by the EclipsePlugin.
org.gradle.plugins.ide.idea.model Classes for the model used by the IdeaPlugin.
org.gradle.process Classes for executing system and Java processes.
org.gradle.sonar.runner Integration with Sonar.
org.gradle.sonar.runner.plugins Plugins for Sonar Runner integration.
org.gradle.sonar.runner.tasks Tasks for the Sonar Runner integration.
org.gradle.testfixtures Classes and interfaces for testing custom task and plugin implementations.
org.gradle.testing.jacoco.tasks Tasks to work with the JaCoCo code coverage library.
org.gradle.tooling The main interfaces and classes of the Gradle tooling API.
org.gradle.tooling.exceptions Exceptions thrown when using the tooling API.
org.gradle.tooling.model The general-purpose tooling model types, provided by the tooling API. Tooling models for the build environment, which includes information such as Gradle or Java versions.
org.gradle.tooling.model.eclipse Eclipse-centric tooling models.
org.gradle.tooling.model.gradle The tooling models for Gradle builds and projects.
org.gradle.tooling.model.idea IntelliJ IDEA centric tooling models.
org.gradle.tooling.provider.model Interfaces and classes that allow tooling models to be made available to the tooling API client.